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Discover how to connect with and sell to ideal clients on Instagram by bringing your strategy and mindset together.


Instagram is the most effective social media platform for female coaches to organically build their brand and grow their business. Stop guessing and make Instagram work for you once and for all. 

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Instagram is a must-have tool for building a coaching business, but you’re struggling to see progress.


Does this sound familiar?

You don’t have the time to post everyday

You don’t know what to share with your audience

You don’t have a process to consistently post content

You don’t know how to sell yourself

You don’t feel confident in your content

You don’t know how to connect with potential clients


Bottom line, you’re burned out, stressed out, and don’t know where to start—maybe you’re even ready to give up on Instagram altogether.



I get it,

I’ve been there before...

I was spending all my time creating content and posting consistently, but I wasn’t seeing any progress. 

As a veteran marketer, I had my strategy figured out and was doing all the “right things” but still not making progress. I was defeated. I felt frustrated that it seemed like everyone else was getting clients and growing their community and I was just stuck. 

After a few cycles of giving up and trying again, I realized I was missing a key piece: mindset. 

All the strategy in the world doesn’t matter if your mindset isn’t right. While you need both to succeed, we often focus all our energy on strategy and forget about looking at our mindset too. 

When I tackled my limiting beliefs around fear, comparison and self-worth, my community began to grow. I felt more confident and my confidence came across in everything I did, from pitching to posting. I became a magnet, attracting potential clients into my community with ease. In fact, when using Instagram to pitch a membership I used to run, one of the number one reasons people cited as a reason for wanting to join was my energy.

I’m here now to teach you how to bring the strategy and mindset together.

I want your message to reach the people who need to hear it. More importantly, I want your coaching business to grow with Instagram.

When you take time to develop a clear strategy and tackle the limiting beliefs holding you back, connecting with new clients is easy because you’re sharing confidently, consistently and authentically.


In this course, you’ll learn how to:


Create sustainable business growth without pouring money into ads 

Pitch yourself through DMs

Reach potential clients every single day

Post consistently without burning out 

Use Instagram as a tool to build your business


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Course Content

This is the Last Instagram Course You’ll Ever Need


Module 1

Create Your New CEO

You can’t pitch with confidence and attract potential clients into your community with your Old CEO in charge. You need to find your new CEO, who’s powerful, bold, and courageous so you can start taking action and growing your business through Instagram. In this module we’ll do an exercise and a visualization meditation to develop your new CEO and feel what it’s like to be her.

Module 2

Identify (and find) your ideal client

Connecting with clients on Instagram starts with knowing who you’re looking for. Our focus in this module is less about who your ideal client is—because you probably already know that!—and instead about how you can identify them on Instagram so you can start connecting.

Module 3

Redefine Your Metrics

If you’re part of my community already, you know I always say “Likes are Lazy™” and in this module, we’re redefining the metrics. The goal is to help you focus less on what doesn’t matter (I.E. how many followers you have and how many likes you get) and more on what does. More importantly, you’ll learn WHY.

Module 4

Build Your Unique IG Brand

It can feel next to impossible to stand out on Instagram as a service-based female entrepreneur. That’s where your Unique IG Brand comes into play. You’ll go through a series of exercises to identify what truly makes you different and learn how to use that to get intentional with your messaging and language.

Module 5

Understand Your Instagram Resistance

Resistance shows up in many areas of our lives and in many ways. On Instagram, it may look like watching Netflix instead of sending a few pitches or re-writing the same post over and over because it’s just not quite right. Learn how to identify and overcome this resistance so you can start taking action on Instagram.

Module 6

Build Your Authentic Instagram Sales Strategy

This lesson is a favorite among my clients and workshop attendees. Learn how to sell authentically and with confidence through Instagram DMs. And no, this doesn’t involve sending a long, sleazy sales message to every new follower. In this module, you’ll learn how to identify potential clients, how to develop your Pitch Flow, and how to sell to more people, more often.

Module 7

Develop Content Around Your Superpower

Simply put, your superpower is YOU. This exercise will help you uncover dozens of content ideas all based around the one thing only you can share: your own powerful stories, insights and lessons.

Module 8

Create a Strategic Roadmap With Goal-Setting

Goal-setting cannot be ignored if you want to make progress on Instagram. Like with any area of your business, goals give you the roadmap to get where you want to go. You’ll use my signature framework to set monthly goals for yourself right away and check back to set new goals every month after.

Module 9

Shift Into a Mindset of Service

When you focus less on “I need more followers” and more on, “I want to serve,” Instagram becomes less stressful and more fulfilling. In this module, you’ll shift into a mindset of service by learning how to change your language.

Module 10

Save Time With Scheduling

Yes, you do have time to post consistently—and I’m going to teach you how to make that happen. In this module you’ll learn the power of scheduling your content and how to get it done quickly and easily. Bonus: I’m going to walk you through my favorite scheduling tool, Later.

Module 11

Eliminate Instagram Overwhelm

Overwhelm stops us from taking action, so it’s time to eliminate it altogether. In this module, you’ll learn what Instagram overwhelm looks like for you and how to shift your mindset. I’ll also share a few practical strategies you can use to ditch that stress once and for all.

Module 12

Build Community With Engagement

You don’t just get followers by posting every single day. You get them by being intentional with your engagement. In this module, I’ll teach you a number of different strategies for engaging that will not only help you build your community, but make everyone feel welcome and connected.

Module 13

Release Your Inner Perfectionist

That inner perfectionist is strong—and she always makes a good case, doesn’t she? It’s time to let her go and we’re going to do exactly that in this module. You’ll learn a few simple shifts to release your perfectionist mindset, kick that analysis paralysis, and get your message out into the world.

Module 14

Become a Storyteller

Being a storyteller is about using your content to connect with your followers. It’s also about consistently collecting content so you always have something to fall back on. In this module, I’ll share an exercise on how to uncover new stories for you to tell, as well as strategies for consistently collecting new content to share.

Module 15

Drop the Band Wagon Mindset

This is where I tell you to stop trying to “beat the algorithm.” In this module, I’ll teach you how to move past that mindset and shift back into focusing on doing what’s most effective, relevant and powerful for your business and brand rather than chasing the trends.

Module 16

Develop a Client-Attracting Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are only useful if you’re using them correctly. In this module, you’ll learn how to create a clear and simple hashtag strategy that attracts ideal clients, expands your reach and grows your community.

Module 17

Become a Data Nerd

You’ll never know what’s working if you don’t track the data—and just because you’re not getting more followers, doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. In this module, I’ll teach you how to find the data, analyze the right metrics, and then use that information to guide your strategy.

Module 18

Become a Magnet for Clients

Attracting more clients on Instagram is all about being a magnet for them. In this module, we’ll wrap up everything you’ve learned with an exercise and meditation for becoming a magnet for your potential clients.

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30 minute 1:1 coaching session

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Instagram Design & Branding Mini Course

Create a consistent, impactful brand experience with the Design & Branding Quick Start which includes an overview of how to define your design style and video tutorials of two important Instagram tools, Canva and Lightroom.

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120+ Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs

Finding the right hashtags can be time-consuming and frustrating. Use my list of go-to hashtags to increase your reach and boost your engagement.

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Client Attraction Mindset Playbook

You’ll use this playbook to better understand your customer, plan authentic content, and handle a “no” when selling through Instagram DMs.

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10 Downloadable Mantras to Reduce Instagram Overwhelm

These mantras will remind you to ditch overwhelm and shift into ease, whether you print them for your office or use them as your desktop background. Keeping these reminders close-by and top-of-mind is key for shifting your mindset.

$97 Value

5 Easy Ways to Use Video Without Ever Being on Camera

Instagram is a video-sharing platform and knowing how to leverage it is key to connecting with potential clients. Use these strategies to create videos for your feed without ever getting in front of the camera.

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Instagram Pitch Template

Use this tried and true pitch template to create a bulletproof client pitch that communicates your value and sells your service offering. Then join our monthly live pitch workshops to hone it into a selling machine.

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Light & Airy

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Why you CAN’T AFFORD to ignore this course:


You’re losing out on a valuable source of clients

You’re wasting time creating content that doesn’t resonate

You’re stuck in a cycle of stress comparing yourself to others

You’re constantly wondering if you’re doing enough—and it’s exhausting

You’re always trying to “beat the algorithm” but nothing seems to work.


When I finally took the time to tighten my strategy and focus on my mindset...big things happened.


I was able to build a brand-new membership from 0 to 100 members in 6 months, pitching almost exclusively through Instagram. That wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t know and implement everything I’m sharing with you in this course.


The course IS for you if:

You are a female coach who wants to connect with more clients on Instagram.

You are ready to get out of the cycle of Instagram burnout

You are willing to put in the work 

You are sick of shaming yourself because you can’t seem to “get it right”

You are overloaded with information and don't know how to execute

You are stuck in your business and know Instagram can help you grow

You are ready to learn and be open to coaching

The course IS NOT for you if :

You are not willing to do the work and put processes in place

You are looking to get a quick 10K followers

You are not willing to invest in yourself and your business

You are going to watch each video without taking action

You are looking for someone to give you a one-size-fits-all plan

You are not willing to question your limiting beliefs

My worry-free 90 day guarantee

If you’re finally willing to make this commitment to yourself and your business, I promise you that Marketing From The Gut will be your path to Instagram success. In fact, I’ll even guarantee it.

I’m going to give you a full 90 days to try Marketing From The Gut and prove to yourself that it will deliver the results I’m promising you. If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is contact my team at [email protected], they will happily refund your investment. 

But full disclosure...there is one have to show me you did the work.

Why? Because nothing works unless you use it. People confuse acquiring with accomplishing. They’ll buy a course and think they’re taking action. But 30, 60, or 90 days later, after they haven’t even logged into their account, they’re calling for a refund telling themselves the product didn’t work. 

Nothing will work for you if you do nothing. 

If you’re not planning to do the work, please don’t invest in this course. It wastes your time and it wastes my time.

So, here’s the deal...You use the program for 90 days. If you’re not absolutely amazed with your results, simply let my team know. Show them that you have completed each of the modules, implemented the strategies, developed a pitch, and joined at least one pitch workshop, and if so, we’ll refund your entire investment. 

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Marketing From The Gut is a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends for your business. It’s a transformation that guides you through how to embrace your inner CEO and finally make Instagram the client-generating powerhouse you know it can be. Marketing From the Gut delivers more than $8,000 worth of content, but because I genuinely want to see your business grow, and inspire you to invest in yourself right now, I’m offering it for just $697. If that's still too much, our smaller packages are a great way to dip your toes into the water.

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You get:

  • 90 days to try the course risk free!
  • Immediate access to 5 valuable course modules
    • Create your new CEO
    • Create a strategic roadmap with goal-setting
    • Build a community with engagement
    • Become a storyteller
    • Become a data nerd
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching calls
  • Journal prompts and worksheets galore!
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Everything in the "I'm just Starting" package PLUS:

  • Access to 3 ADDITIONAL course modules (8 total!)
    • Build your authentic IG sales strategy
    • Develop a client attracting hashtag strategy
    • Eliminate IG Overwhelm
  • 10 Downloadable Mantras to Reduce Instagram Overwhelm
  • 5 Easy Ways to Use Video Without Ever Being on Camera
  • The Client Attraction Mindset Playbook
  • Instagram Pitch Template
I'm ready to grow!

I’m In it to Win It!



Everything in the "I'm Ready to Grow" Package PLUS:

  • Access to 10 ADDITIONAL course modules (18 total!)
    • Identify and find your ideal client
    • Redefine your metrics
    • Build your unique IG Brand
    • Understand your IG resistance 
    • Develop content around your superpower
    • Shift into a service mindset
    • Save time with scheduling
    • Release your inner perfectionist
    • Drop the bandwagon mindset
    • Become a magnet for clients
  • 120+ Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Mini Course: 5 Pillars to Define Your Brand for Instagram
  • Tutorials on my favorite tools
  • 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching call
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About Jessica

Jessica Thiefels is a published author, podcast host of Mindset Reset Radio and founder and CEO of Jessica Thiefels Consulting, an organic content marketing agency. In 2019, she fulfilled a long-time dream of traveling the world for 8 months while growing her business, writing a book and changing her life in the process.

Now she uses her podcast and online communities to teach female entrepreneurs how to live and run their business with intention. She also helps mid-size organizations use organic content marketing to reach customers and clients.

Jessica has been featured in top publications including Forbes, FastCompany, MSN, and Entrepreneur and regularly shares her business and mindset expertise through workshops, events and podcasts.