5 simple strategies to attract more clients on Instagram

Instagram is a business tool like any other, but potential clients don’t just appear out of nowhere because you post every day or share on stories. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn five strategies I’ve used to cultivate a client attraction mindset and actually connect with clients on Instagram so you can share what you have to offer and grow your business.

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Do you feel like you're burning energy trying to make Instagram work for your business?

This is because you’re likely focusing on the wrong things (like vanity metrics) rather than doing what it actually takes to attract and connect with clients. I’ve spent 5+ years testing strategies to cultivate clients and build thriving communities through Instagram. Now, I want to share these strategies with you so that you can use Instagram to grow your coaching business, too.

In this free training I’ll share:

A powerful practice to shift from critical to curious

A checklist to attract more clients with each post

Mindset shifts to cultivate a service-based mindset

A quick, but impactful, daily engagement routine

3 mantras to get into the client attraction mindset

BONUS: Journal exercise to help you understand the value of your offering

About your teacher Jessica Thiefels

Jessica Thiefels is a published author, podcast host of Mindset Reset Radio and founder and CEO of Jessica Thiefels Consulting, an organic content marketing agency. In 2019, she fulfilled a long-time dream of traveling the world for 8 months while growing her business, writing a book and changing her life in the process.

Jessica didn’t get “insta-famous” one day and start teaching others how to use Instagram to do the same. She brings her 10+ years of work in the marketing industry to help entrepreneurs like you find greater fulfillment and success with Instagram as a tool for growing your business.

Jessica has been featured in top publications including Forbes, FastCompany, MSN, and Entrepreneur and regularly shares her business and mindset expertise through workshops, events and podcasts, including her own podcast, Mindset Reset Radio.


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