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Are you a female coach who's looking to convert followers into clients with ease and a proven system? Meet the Marketing From the Gut Membership.

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The Mindful

Marketing Manifesto

Marketing is a spiritual experience.

It takes vulnerability and a deep knowing that you are worthy and valuable to put yourself and your business out into the world and invite others in.

Marketing appears to be all hard lines and logic on the outside, but on the inside, it's all soft lines and heart. 

There are many people who can tell you how to create a strategy, get more of this, or earn more of that. 

But there are few who can teach you how to do that while also connecting with your marketing, making it feel good, and using it to create something new, exciting, and aligned with your purpose. 

That's what we do here.

We're so much more than a membership. 

We're the change you needed but didn't know you were looking for.  

This is the missing piece in your soul-aligned business. 

It's time to fill that space and make your business whole. 

Marketing From the Gut is a monthly marketing membership for the 5-figure coach who’s craving growth but doesn’t know how to make it happen. 


With live coaching calls, a monthly content calendar, and an entire vault of resources, this membership helps you reach more clients, and as a result, grow your business. 

Along the way, you’ll build a larger community, learn how to get more done in less time, and become totally clear on what works for your business and brand so you’re more effective with every area of your marketing, from email campaigns to Instagram posts. 

Check out all the ways Marketing From the Gut helped these coaches level up their marketing: 



She found joy in Instagram AND grew her audience

After going through Marketing From the Gut, I am very clear on the value I am adding, I show up with so much joy and my Instagram following has almost doubled.” 

- Dr. Jennifer Shaw, Founder of Natural Wellness Tips


She built a stronger, more sustainable business…

“Marketing From the Gut taught me not only the strategies that I needed to know to build a strong foundation for my business, but it also taught me the mindset of the strategies and why we should be doing them."  

- Nina Marchadesch, coping and self-love mentor


She became a more powerful business owner…

“One my favorite things I did was the CEO mindset exercise and I still have the post-it note on my desk. It says: ‘You are the new CEO. What would the new CEO do?’ It’s been there for almost a year now and I always come back to it.”

- Autumn Crane, virtual assistant and coach 


She learned how to understand the data

“The tools that she gives you in creating strategy, in creating tangible goals and being able to track them; in finding your metrics and what metrics really support you in your business and how to track them properly and effectively, are invaluable.” 

- Caitlin Parsons, yoga therapist and ergonomics specialist

A Membership Built to Help You Thrive

I blend mindset and strategy into what I call mindful marketing

You're not just learning what to do. You’re also shifting out of the mindset that's holding you back so you can take intentional and aligned action.

We don't just talk theory. We do the work together.

I walk you through storytelling exercises, branding brainstorming and so much more.

My goal is to work with you, side-by-side, so you can dive deep, truly understand what works for your brand, and then turn that into actionable steps that drive business growth. 

Most importantly, you can start implementing immediately.

With a library of on-demand videos, worksheets, templates, and past group coaching calls, you can jump in on the day you sign up. 

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"Marketing From the Gut taught me how to find my unique value and how to show up with joy!" - Dr. Jenn

You Have a Message That Needs to Be Heard

My mission is to make sure your message reaches the people who need it by solving your biggest marketing challenges.


Learn practical strategies for growing and engaging with your community, plus mindset shifts around the growth that really matters.


Put your monthly content calendar, Canva templates, and hand-picked hashtags to use so you can focus on what matters to you while still getting it all done.


Use the Mindful Strategy Template to figure out the who, where, and what—then tune in to our live coaching calls and community to ask questions and refine it as you go.


Learn how to identify and connect with potential clients, own your value, and use my proprietary Pitch Flow to sell in the DMs with confidence and authenticity.


Empower your strategy by learning what data matters and how you can use it to grow. Plus, we make the metrics and numbers less scary so you’re not afraid to check in regularly.


Here's What You Get Every Month



A Themed Monthly Content Package

Don't have enough time to get everything done? Each month you'll get a fresh content package full of helpful ideas and templates to keep you focused and take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Each package includes:

A monthly marketing content calendar with ideas, prompts, and ideas for every single day. 

3 phone wallpaper affirmations to keep your vision front and center

5 social media Canva templates

1 freebie download Canva template

20 hand-picked Instagram hashtags

See below for examples!


Two Live Group Coaching Calls

Twice a month I host two, hour long coaching sessions where we'll cover strategy and mindset topics ranging from email marketing and Reels to imposter syndrome and perfectionism. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get support. Calls happen on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 1pm EST but will also be recorded and shared.


A Community of Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

Join our private Facebook group to connect with other badass women who are building their businesses and looking for support just like you. This is the perfect place to share ideas, strategies, and wins, ask questions, and hold yourself, and others accountable.


On-Demand Video Content

Masterclasses and courses that you can watch at any time. You can also refer back to all of our recorded past group coaching calls.

Courses Include:

5 Pillars of Mindful Content Marketing

How to Build an Authentic Instagram Sales Strategy


Swipe Files

Need a jumpstart on content? You’ll have access to swipe files for email series, sales pages, social media captions, and blog posts—all you have to do is customize them for your brand.


Member Directory

Looking for affiliate opportunities?

Want to connect with other coaches in your industry?

Building your team?

Our member directory includes information about each member so you can easily see what they’re looking for and how to contact them.


Worksheets & Templates Galore!

Want to learn more about SEO? Or how to set, and stick to marketing goals?

Maybe you need help understanding your competition or pitching your services.

We've got you covered with tons of helpful templates and guides.

Here are a few:

The Big SEO Checklist for Content

30 Customizable Blog Post Headlines for Every Business

Quarterly Content Calendar Bundle

120 Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs

5 Easy Ways to Use Video Without Ever Being on Camera

Social Media Goal-Setting Template

10 Mantras to Reduce Instagram Overwhelm

Client Attraction Playbook

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Jessica's passion and authenticity are magnetic! - Elizabeth

 So...Should You Join?

I know that this membership isn’t for everyone. If you’re on the fence, here are a few things to consider.

You should absolutely join if you…

  • Can’t seem to find clients or sell to them through your marketing
  • Are struggling to see growth 
  • Feel like you’re never doing enough
  • Get overwhelmed and frustrated that nothing you try seems to work
  • Are yearning for community 
  • Feel like an imposter and don’t trust your value as a coach
  • Keep running on the hamster wheel of comparison
  • Overanalyze every piece of content you share or post

You probably shouldn't join if you…

  • Run an e-commerce shop (MLM’s are an exception)
  • Are looking to get a quick 10K followers
  • Aren’t willing to shift the way you think
  • Don’t want to be part of a powerful community of women
  • Have your marketing dialed in and figured out
  • Don’t want to learn and grow
  • Aren’t ready to take action
  • Are looking for a one-size-fits-all plan
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