How to Use Instagram Presets to Develop Your Unique Brand Look

Apr 18, 2022
Instagram presets

In our overly filtered world, you may be wary to use Instagram presets on your content. The good news is, you can create a beautiful Instagram aesthetic, and brighten up darker photos, with Instagram presets while staying genuine and true to your brand. 

Many businesses and creators have leveraged the power of presets to create consistent and aesthetically pleasing Instagram content. The goal isn’t to be fake or change the way you look but to develop a brand that stands out.

If you’re new to using Instagram presets and don’t know where to find them, what not to do, and how to best use them, keep reading. We’ve also shared some examples of accounts that are using consistent editing to elevate their brand to inspire your content creation. 

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What Are Presets?

A preset is simply an editing formula that is automatically applied to your photo when used. When you apply a preset it may edit the exposure, contrast, and warmth of the photo all at once. It’s similar to a filter you might find on the native Instagram app but can be tailored to your look and style. 

This pre-packaged formula allows you to create a consistent look on every photo without having to remember the exact settings you used last time. This significantly reduces your time spent editing while creating the exact aesthetic you’re looking for.

My favorite brand for buying presets is Light and Airy. You can choose from many different looks and styles to find the preset package that’s best for you. You can also buy presets from: 

Once purchased, use an app like Adobe Lightroom to save and then apply the presets to your photos. 

How to Use Instagram Presets

Use these simple tips and strategies to make the most of your Instagram presets.

DO edit/review each photo after using the preset. Presets provide a base to give your photos a cohesive look and feel, but you may still need to make minor adjustments. With the help of a preset though, the majority of the work is done.

DO use the preset on of your photos. Consistency is key and that means it’s wise to choose a single style and look, and stick with it for each photo you share. 

DO take better photos. While a good preset can make most photos look more aesthetically pleasing, starting with a high-quality photo is important. If a photo is too dark, adding too much brightness can distort it or make it look weird. Use these photography tips from Hubspot to take better photos. 

What to Avoid When Using Presets

Instagram presets can be invaluable when used right. When used wrong, however, they can take away from your brand and style. Use these tips to make sure you avoid the most common mistakes.

DON’T use different preset styles for one brand. While it can be fun to mix up your style, your community craves consistency. Create a consistent look and feel to make your brand both recognizable and reliable. You don’t need to use the same exact preset every time because sometimes you need a brighter option or darker option, but the final style should be similar.

DON’T be afraid of variety. The great thing about using presets is that you’re able to add a polished look to your feed without limiting what kind of content you can create. Whether it’s a casual snap of someone holding your product, or a funny behind-the-scenes photo, you can use presets to add consistency without sacrificing variety of content. 

DON’T edit in big batches. Editing content takes time. Instead of editing photos in bulk, edit and save them to your phone as you go. When you need to grab a quick photo for your post, you’ll already have a back stock of photos to choose from that are fully edited and ready to use.

Examples of Accounts with Presets

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at a few examples of accounts that are using consistent photo editing to uplevel their Instagram presence:

Sakura Considine

@SakuraConsidine is a Phoenix-based blogger, business owner, and influencer. She used her own custom preset pack (which, she also sells!) to keep her Instagram feed cohesive. You can see that her style is a bit on the warm and moody side. Even in black and white, you find the aesthetic and feel is the same. 

Jenna Rae Cakes

@JennaRaeCakes is a bright and colorful bakery run by two twin sisters. Their Instagram account looks beautiful because their edits are light, bright, and clean for each photo. The style and coloring make their photos pop, which lets them stand out in a crowded feed.

Recess Pickleball

@RecessPickleball is a great example of a product-based brand harnessing the power of consistent editing. You can see that their photos all have a similar mix of muted colors, well-lit backgrounds, and a vintage feel. 

No Matter What: Be You

Presets are an easy way to give your brand a polished and consistent look in less time—but this shouldn’t take the you out of your content. Be yourself, have fun with it, and know that presets are just there to help you elevate your feed. 

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