15 Fall Hashtags for Seasonal Instagram Posts

Sep 27, 2021
fall hashtags

Fall hashtags help you reach clients and customers where they’re at. From cool sweater weather to hot pumpkin spice lattes, individuals and companies alike are hyping up the fall season and it’s time for your brand to get in on the action. 

But how do you choose the best ones? I know hashtag strategy is one of the biggest challenges for my coaching clients and course students. When looking at hashtags, remember these few key rules:

Choose hashtags... 

  • With 500k posts or fewer
  • That are relevant to your brand 
  • That are relevant to the post

If you’re not sure where to start, check out these 20 fall hashtags that I’ve found for you, along with Instagram posts to inspire your own creative process.   



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Joining a community of people sharing their plans for the coming months—and inspire others to do the same. Share your EOY goals with this hashtag. You can also use #FallGoals to get your customers in planning mode. Ask them what they need in the coming months and show how you can help them reach these goals.  


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 The #FallPlanning hashtag is another good way to get your clients thinking ahead for the coming months. October through December is a notoriously busy time for most people, so use this hashtag to share ideas for how clients can prepare, whether you’re sharing healthy eating tips or time management hacks.


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Use this hashtag to share tips and ideas that are relevant to your business this fall. Educate your community but don’t forget to show that you walk the walk as well by sharing stories of how you’ve incorporated those ideas during this season as well. 


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 Fall is a time to shake off the stale heat of summer and embrace fresh new energy. Use this hashtag to share ideas about how your community can do exactly that. This can be especially relevant for spiritual entrepreneurs who focus a lot on energy. 

Want more hashtags for your spiritual business? Check out these 20 soulpreneur hashtags.


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A post shared by SAM (@allabout_thehome)

As you explore different fall hashtags, don’t forget their Autumn counterparts so you can reach more people! This seasonal name is less used than fall, which means you can find hashtags that help you stand out more. Using Autumn-based terms can also help you with hashtag generation when you hit a creative block. 


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A post shared by Anna (@annasofiapark)

This is one of the most popular fall hashtags and can be used in many ways—whether you’re selling a product or service. For example, a health coach could use it to share that her #Octobermood is all about fresh fall produce. A skincare company, on the other hand, could use it to reach more people during a fall product launch.


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The cool fall air kicks off the Spooky Season, where Halloween events spill into September and November. Add the ghost emoji to the traditional #SpookySeason hashtag to make your post stand out and reach the audience who needs to see it. 


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Get clients and customers in the door with a fall sale—and use this hashtag to reach people who may be looking for a deal. Pair this with a fun fall post about the spookiest season of the year to bring a little play to your content.


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Instagram marketing is all about brand storytelling. What kind of story are you telling this fall? Use this fun hashtag to share a series of “spooky” stories. Your stories can be serious or fun, just keep them focused on your brand.

Not great at storytelling. Learn how to tell your story to attract more coaching clients.


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 Everyone knows pumpkin spice isn’t just a flavoring, it’s a lifestyle. Use this hashtag to share personal posts about how you’re enjoying the fall season. Don’t forget to use it when sharing your favorite pumpkin spice products to drive organic shares and get a little extra brand reach.


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While it might still feel too early to be talking about the end of the year, 2022 will be here before you know it. Use this hashtag to tease upcoming sales for the holiday season and get people excited about what you’re offering. You can also use this hashtag to ask clients what they want to see go on sale to crowdsource your EOY deals.


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A post shared by Megan Johnson, PhD (@drmeganjohnson)

Now is a great time to start reflecting on 2021 and what happened to you and your business. Use this hashtag to reflect on what you learned, the challenges you have overcome, and how you have grown over the past year. 


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This is one of the fall hashtags that you can use throughout the entire year because it changes based on the seasons. For fall, as September turns to October, use this hashtag to talk about how to bring minimalism or simplicity to what can feel like a hectic time of year.


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This is another hashtag that you can turn to throughout the year. Use it when sharing posts about the changing seasons. As an interior designer, you can use it to showcase fall decor or as a nutritionist, you can use it to share fun fall smoothie ideas. 


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Add this to your fall hashtags list if you’re a blogger or influencer promoting new fall styles and products. Pair your branded posts with stories about your own fall lifestyle and what the season means to you. 


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